In Amsterdam & Zwolle organiseert CASE verschillende inspirerende cursussen, workshops en Tarot leggingen. Je bent van harte welkom om deel te nemen! Studeer jij? Dan krijg je op vertoon van je studentenpas 40% korting op alle CASE activiteiten.

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5 week English course ‘Meeting the Tarot; the Book of Life’

Amsterdam Stichting de Roos, P.C. Hooftstraat 183

You may have heard about the Tarot and wish to see if the Tarot holds a possible value for your life. The Tarot keeps safe essential knowledge for human life and has guided people on their inner journey of transformation for thousands of years. Its meaning is timeless and always relevant, also today. The Tarot is sometimes referred to as “The Book of Life” because esoteric knowledge of all time (from sources like alchemy, hermeticism or gnosticism) is encoded into the cards.

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