Introduction into Astrology

5-week course

What is Astrology? How do stars and planets have an influence on our lives? What can I learn from the signs of the zodiac? What can I learn from the planets and the 4 elements? How can I apply it to my daily life? Can I understand myself and others better through astrology?

Experience the influence of the stars and planets on our lives through the knowledge of core principles. The 12 signs have been created from a number of building blocks, such as the 4 elements (fire, water, earth and air) and the 7 (traditional) planets of our solar system. The signs of the zodiac will come to life when you start to recognise these building blocks and you can learn to see how the stars and planets influence you and others.

In this course we will work with a practical and intuitive approach so you can truly experience the characteristics of the astrological signs. What colours, shapes, rhythms, activities and energy belong to your astrological sign and how can you use it in daily life. By this approach you can understand others better and come into contact with your own astrological nature.

Course contents

The building blocks of the zodiac and her 12 astrological signs. What influences
determine the nature of the 12 signs.

The 4 elements: earth, water, air and fire. Recognising the characteristics of these
elements with examples from nature, art, culture and human behaviour.

The 7 planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Discover the traits and qualities of our planets. How do we translate this to the nature and expression of the astrological signs.

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