Beginner's mind

Buy yourself a nice, new notebook. Create some time to do a new course and learn things that will change your outlook on life. Too good to be true?

'Learning to look anew'
How do we perceive the world around us, how do we perceive the world inside us? Esoteric study of the human model.

'Tools that have survived the ages'
The meaning of letters, numbers and symbols are like tools in a toolbox. Getting to know them is step one.

'Working with the tools'
Practical and creative work. Using the tools (numbers, letters, symbols) through posture, calligraphy and drawing.

'The rainbow teaches us colour'
What is colour? How does it manifest? What do different colours mean in traditions all over the world?

'Is truth personal?'
People throughout the ages have searched for truth and meaning. How has this manifested and what can anyone in this time and age draw from it.

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