Meeting the Tarot

The Book of Life

You may have heard about the Tarot and wish to see if the Tarot holds a possible value for your life. The Tarot keeps safe essential knowledge for human life and has guided people on their inner journey of transformation for thousands of years. Its meaning is timeless and always relevant, also today. The Tarot is sometimes referred to as "The Book of Life" because esoteric knowledge of all time (from sources like alchemy, hermeticism or gnosticism) is encoded into the cards. If you are looking for an inspiring introduction to the Tarot, then this course 'Meeting the Tarot', which will be given in English is just for you.

The Tarot course content

In this course we will unlock the 21 cards of the Phoenix Tarot in many ways. Through numerology, symbology, colour, music and stories you will be introduced to the esoteric knowledge within the Tarot and its possible meaning for your life.

We will use the Phoenix Tarot deck and Tarot music to give you different experiences of the many expressions of the Tarot. If you wish you can purchase the Phoenix Tarot cards. Study material with the meanings of the cards are included in the price.

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