The Tarot through music and movement

Explore the Tarot further

Have you already done a CASE Tarot course? Then this special workshop will be an inspiring way for you to explore the Tarot further.

In this workshop we will work in a creative and active way. We will use movements and postures, the voice and Tarot music.

How we will work in this workshop:

  • Listening (and some moving) to Tarot music. This music is created by music ensemble Baraka; 21 pieces to fit the essence of the 21 Phoenix Tarot cards.
  • Usage of postures: sensing and seeing which effects a posture has (theatre work).
  • Using sound and the voice to explore the nature of a specific Tarot card.
  • Learning about the symbolic meaning of postures in the Tarot.

These ways of working will bring the Tarot cards alive in new ways. You will experience that music and specific postures or movements are tools to open up the meaning of a card..

The esoteric knowledge of sound, posture and movement has been used throughout time by many different cultures. You can see this for example in Thai dances or Egyptian statues. We look forward to introduce you to this practical and inspiring esoteric work.

You do not need any experience with dance or music to participate in this workshop. This workshop is for people from the age of 18.

Deze cursus is op aanvraag.

Voor meer informatie kun je contact opnemen met de cursusadministratie.